Conference Papers from the Previous Annual Economic Policy Conferences

2018 Papers

Title Author Download
Costing cost rent - Colette Bennett
10 Years since the banking crises John Fell
Austrian Housing Policy Peter O'Connor
Ireland 2040 Sean Barrett
Ireland 2040:Now for the How Ben Westmore
Pluto 2040 Aoife O'Grady
The Northern Ireland Economy John Fitzgerald
The Island Economy Aidan Gough
The all-island economy where now Tom Healy
LA Rents Eoin Corrigan
Lower Emitting Vehicle Uptake Neil Gannon & Alan Scarlett
University Rankings Mike Horkan
Waiting List Validation Robert Murphy
Economic Policy and Common Good Rowena Pecchenino
Housing Supply; How and what type? Niall Cussen
Affordable Housing Orla Hegarty

2017 Papers

Title Author Download
Banking John Egan
The Future of Banking John Cronin
Income Distribution Michael Savage
Machine Learning and Banking Trevor Fitzpatirck
Some Reflections on Public Sector Pay Jim O'Leary
Brexit and it’s short, medium and long-term implications for Ireland Stephen Donnelly
Monetary Policy after Zero Gabriel Fagan
Collins-McNicholas Midwest Relocation Survey
Health Expenditure Sustainability Charles Normand
Monetary Policy after Zero Alan Ahearne
Is Ireland 25 years into a 100-Year Housing Crisis? Ronan Lyons
England's Housing Market Neal Hudson
Presentation John Moran
Why are we here, where are we going and what should we be saying about the Irish Corporate Tax System? Fergal O'Rourke
An Analysis of 2015 Corporation Tax Returns and 2016 Payments Keith Walsh
Indigenous export strategy v tax strategy – do they match? Cora O'Brien
A Lifetime Perspective on Taxes, Benefits, Inequality and Redistribution Barra Roantree

2016 Papers

Title Author Download
How many jobs will this create? Laura Watts
Measurement & Management Lorcan Sirr
Getting value from Infrastructure Edgar Morgenroth
Behavioural Economics Karl Purcell
Radical Policy Rethink Finbarr Bradley
A universal pension for Ireland Eamon Murphy
Planning for the 21st Century Seán Ó’Riordáin
The Distributive Effects of an Increase in Low Pay in the Republic of Ireland Niamh Holton
Irish banks: Are they fit for purpose? Dermot O'Leary
Brexit and Irish Higher Education and Research: Ellen Hazelkorn
Low Pay Dr Micheál Collins
Value for Money Applies Also to State Expenditure on the Arts John O'Hagan
Applying a Macroprudential Risk Assessment to Irish Commercial Real Estate Prices Maria Woods
The Parable of the Hangover... Ronan Lyons
Measuring Ireland's Debt Sustainability Colm McCarthy
Cross-country comparisons of SME Carroll/McCann
Problems with Ireland's National Accounts Conal MacCoille
Interpreting the recent changes in the Irish macroeconomic accounts Christ Sibley
The Central Bank's useless harmonised competitiveness indicators Frank Barry

2014 Papers

Title Author Download
Time to Tilt at Windmills Colm McCarthy
Competition Law and Professional Team Sports Pat Massey
Despite structural change we still do things the old way Cormac Rabbitt
Tom Boland - Higher Education Authority Tom Boland
Credit in the Nonfinancial Private Sector and its Relation to GDP Brian Mandt
The Economics of Renewable Energy Brian Woods
Life Savers not Revenue Raisers Derek Rafferty

2013 Papers

Title Author Download
FBI Employment Recession Recovery & Growth Opportunities Breda O'Sullivan
Network Social Capital and Labour Market Outcomes Evidence from Ireland Gerard Brady
Ireland's Offshore Oil & Gas Sector - Realising its True Potential Tony O'Reilly
Irish Mortgage Default Optionality Gregory Connor & Thomas Flavin
An Electronic Penny for your thoughts Paul Ferguson
Designing State of the art economic policy advice structures Marc Coleman
Title Author
Wealth Tax Tom McDonnell
Tourism Policy in Ireland Jerome Casey
Wages and Ireland's International Competitiveness Rory O'Farrell
Europe's Remaining Challenges - Peter Breuer Peter Breuer

2012 Papers

Title Author Download
Reforming Child Benefit ine U Ghiollagin
A Model of Debt Sustainability and Creditworthiness in the Euro Zone John McHale
Exploring Alternative Fiscal Pathways Tom Healy and Rory O'Farrell
Euro Area Stresses and Policies Peter Breuer
Macroprudential Policy with Capital Mobility Tomislav Galac
Fiscal Consolidation Lost and Found Michael Taft
Fiscal Consolidation - Does it deliver? Laura Weymes
Competitiveness policy - Cad a dheanfaimid feasta gan Troika? Don Thornhill
Turning water into wine: official bond buying - beware financial miracles Ciaran O'Hagan
Ireland's doomed goal to become a world-class knowledge economy Michael Hennigan
Irish Energy Policy and Regulation: Issues and Challenges Paul Hunt